1970 - The Time

It was the time when legendary pop, rock, soul and funky bands took the world by storm and contributed to create the iconic look that still today epitomizes the quest for freedom and the need for self-expression: ground-breaking haircuts, t-shirts, jeans and a pair of cool shoes.

The idea - Joggers meet jeans

In 1970, we realized that the look of athletic shoes was the perfect match for a pair of denim jeans and decided to relaunch North Star® (established in 1948) as a sport-inspired footwear brand with a lifestyle twist.

The Icon - North Star® "Design 38"

In 1970, we created "Design 38”, inspired by sport but intended for the leisure lifestyle of Canadian youth.
Distributed exclusively through non-sport channels such as shoe-giant Bata, independent retailers and department stores across Canada, “Design 38” was an immediate success and soon became a lifestyle must-have.

The Global Reach - A truly global brand

By 1980, North Star® shoes reached the four corners of the world. They could be found in: Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Kenya as well as Japan and Italy.

The Social Responsability - Close to the community

Well ahead of time, we pioneered what is today known as “social responsibility”. Supporting local social initiatives, especially in less-advantaged communities, has always been part of the North Star® DNA.

The Love for Music - Gigs

North Star® shoes, a pair of jeans, a pop concert: this is our world today, as it was in 1970.
Over the years we truly enjoyed supporting music events.

Now - Connected

After 40 years, North Star® still thrives by plugging into the hottest footwear trends that engage and give voice to the style of urban tribes across the globe.
Stay connected.




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